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Library Build 20140920 [3.0.2]

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Released: Dec 8, 2014
Updated: Mar 29, 2015 by UnitUniverse
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Documentation AEXLibrary.18.16.18
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Documentation AEXLibrary.18.16.2
documentation, 551K, uploaded Sep 25, 2014 - 9 downloads
Documentation AEXLibrary.18.16.3
documentation, 554K, uploaded Oct 13, 2014 - 7 downloads
Documentation AEXLibrary.18.16.6
documentation, 642K, uploaded Oct 31, 2014 - 9 downloads
Documentation AEXLibrary.18.16.10
documentation, 644K, uploaded Dec 8, 2014 - 7 downloads
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Release Notes

  • Implements the Vector classes, which the usage of is more simple than std::vector. It's formality safer than std::vector either. It is the all in one form of the vector and array. (Note that it has no forced asynchronization mechanism applied)
  • Fixed an issue in 'ObjResident' (which only affects the classes in the namespace 'nsVector').
  • Is_Arithmetic is corrected.

md5: 84c249eae6c6ffd6bb8564e6569b1b5a
sha-1: ecdb9458aa621e9157861edf8e17a891224ce69a

* 18.16.3: Exactly identical to 18.16.2 except for the following changes:
  • Many symbols names have been changed for C++ ISO compatibility [].
  • Function exports in binary have been modified for the symbolic adjustments. Any project applying this library needs to be recompiled.

md5: 46a1753b1c04aee06a90bd20aa668a59
sha-1: f3a3aaa74aa9f43708275355db3347400d535d33

* 18.16.6: Exactly identical to 18.16.3 except for the following changes:
  • Castings(force type-conversions) in expressions which have to be real constants have been adjusted or replaced to follow the corresponding ISO rules.
  • 'offsetof' macro protection has been removed.
  • 'min' and 'max' macro protections have been removed. Two private-defined macros have taken place of them.
  • One modification to Vector classes shouldn't have left behind(Vector.hpp, Line 616).
  • A little adjustment has been done to Tuple class to improve the readability, compiling speed and, now the user can get one of the base classes of a tuple class without cv-qualification involved, which has been provided but wasn't opened to user in old versions.

md5: cce41d3b3b68d7fb476b8586c18203a1
sha-1: b3f7bc7c56bd93a598895a792bc7937dd8ca3a9c

* 18.16.10: Identical to 18.16.6 except for the following changes:
  • Can_Cast_Implicitly/Can_Cast_Explicitly mechanism was adjusted in previous versions except for their comments were written for the elder ones(long before ver. 18.16 series).
  • Is_Enum has been renamed as Is_Enum_Data since it behaves a little different to the std::is_enum which won't admit a reference-to-enumerator as the true result.
  • A bunch of fixes are included. To get more detail please see the 'known issues'.
md5: a8bf62901eae0344eef8c026b00899ce
sha-1: 85dfa835f307701f3816f5e173219f04ba1ac753

* 18.16.15: Identical to 18.16.10 except for the following changes:
  • ISO: 'this->' s and base-as-qualified-names are introduced into several class-templates.
  • ISO: 'offsetof's re-implemented into lib since their is no way to simulate one with a true core-constant expression without the assistant of the compiler extension.
  • The pseudo element the Vector iterators retrieved can be used to do comparison without lambda function involved.

md5: 3c19a243de53f3e2513692cf286623a7
sha-1: d7914afcbcd529033e96a3467aa83e1b72c15055

* 18.16.18: Identical to 18.16.15 except for the following changes:
  • Classes in ThreadDS.hpp should have supported calling member function to volatilized objects.
  • Fixed an issue(InitRev) in Vector classes, which is caused by a design change on historical revise.
  • Fixed an issue in Thread Manager classes(a pointer to an rvalue object being exported caused undefined behavior, which is unrelated to thread-striding access). The patched header file is also updated for vs2010 users since this problem may block them from making use of TM.

md5: 0b3a5140b1fd8944623d7955922bd655
sha-1: 775072d8404b2a090c521e42b9590838304ac938

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