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Known issues


  • The fixes and modification for new components planned to implement into the lib won't be listed at here no matter if there was any, unless there is a reason.
  • [InDev] SmoothIo needs to be re-designed or not since if the frequently atomic operator may lower the performance of the application in some way.
  • ObjResident needs to be implemented support for more than one slot per object.
  • 'offsetof' shouldn't have been redefined by the lib for being applied in any ISO-compatible constant expression and only the compiler production provider can make it right, because the standard C++ mechanism limitation has blocked almost all the ways for non-compiler providers to make a private version properly ISO-compatible(the reinterpret_cast and the pointer substation rule are the majority reasons under either C++11 or C++14). Removing the redefinition of 'offsetof' off will standardize the lib code but also cause this macro to be lost the protection against modification-injection(Note that many people hate such kind of protection). Anyway, for now the redefinition of it in library has be removed.